How do you calculate emotional pain and suffering?

These types of compensation are called pain and suffering. In general, compensation for pain and suffering will be calculated by adding economic damages and multiplying them by a number between 1, 5 and 5, depending on the severity of the injury. The most common approach is to add up all the special damages (remember, those are your easily calculable economic losses) and multiply them by a number between 1.5 at the lower end and 4 or 5 at the upper end. In Alabama, there is no fixed amount for particular types of emotional distress.

Each claim depends on its own merits and unique circumstances. The value of an emotional distress claim is not calculated by adding a series of numbers, as is the case with economic damages. Rather, compensation for emotional distress is related to how the injury affected your personal and work life. It can be difficult to put a number on emotional distress, but often this non-tangible experience will lead to a financial burden that can be summed up in concrete numbers.

One way to get a dollar amount to represent your pain and suffering is to lose the value of any psychological treatment you seek. Adding up the cost of psychiatric treatments you required as a result of your traumatic incident is one of the simplest methods for calculating emotional distress. According to this method, a daily value is assigned to pain and suffering using factors such as those described above. This daily value is multiplied by the number of days the injured person experienced pain and suffering to reach the total amount of non-economic damages.

If you can help your lawyer fully document the effects of your accident, this will help ensure that your personal injury lawyer can accurately quantify your emotional distress and seek the full compensation you deserve. Insurance adjusters use personal injury settlement calculators to determine how much you will be compensated for medical expenses, devastating pain and suffering, emotional distress such as mental distress and loss of income related to your car accident case or other claim for accident. Non-economic settlements, unlike special damages or economic damages due to lost wages or income, seek to compensate the accident victim for the pain and suffering they have experienced from the accident. Second, unless a car accident involves specific circumstances, the injured person cannot claim compensation for pain, suffering, mental anguish, or discomfort.

When you hire an attorney to seek damages for emotional distress, your lawyer will work with a qualified medical expert who can evaluate the long-term effects of your accident.

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