Why are contingency fees good?

A big advantage of using a contingency fee agreement for a case is that you don't have to pay your lawyer upfront and you don't face huge legal bills while your case is still ongoing. Many personal injury lawyers use contingency fees for personal injury cases. They only charge you fees if they recover money for your injuries. Paying your lawyer depends on the successful outcome.

This last factor is very important. A lawyer will accept contingency fee cases where the lawyer is likely to be well paid. Lawyers can't stay in business if they take a lot of weak cases. Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies racially profiled, assaulted, branded and beat me while pursuing a 19-year-old robbery suspect as the police office will show.

Both of them kicked me while only one hit me in the left eye. Tazed twice, I'm 46 years old. My case is long and I would like to talk to you on the phone with my 216-235-1061. Contingency fees provide the lawyer with an incentive to get the highest possible settlement as soon as possible. People came up to me and said, “I hired a lawyer for contingency fees and I don't think that lawyer intended to go to trial.

With a mixed-schedule contingent setup, your lawyer will likely also get a percentage of the recovery in addition to the attorney's hourly rate. Lawyers say the 30% contingency charge, but your contract may say that they will expect you to pay any part of the attorney's fees that are not recovered, as well as all expenses, etc. First, a contingency fee agreement will sometimes result in a lawyer being paid more money than if you paid the lawyer by the hour. However, if your lawyer takes the percentage of contingency fees before or after these costs are paid it can make a significant difference in the amount you and your attorney ultimately receive.

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